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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

How can I2B Global now help my website?

We now have a new department dedicated to building your search engine ranking results, web traffic, brand image and more! We want to help you be as successful as you can be online.

What is search engine optimization?

In a competitive web world, there are often thousands (even millions) of web pages competing for the same search phrases. Many things have changed, and continue to change in the way search engines find web pages. These days, one of the most important factors in deciding who gets top ranking are what are called 'off-page' factors, also called 'link popularity'

What's Link popularity? You mean the internet is now a popularity contest?

In some ways, yes. Instead of just indexing any old site that has the right keywords put into it, it is now extremely important to have a strong network of links from other relevant pages on the internet coming into your web site. We now offer professional link-building campaigns that give results.

What about my old link farm campaign that I participated in when I started my site?

Well, it's great that you took that step. However these days reciprocal or 'two-way' links have lost much of their benefit. Search engines have come to realize that these were being produced in a very artificial or "spammy" way.

Do you offer 'on-page' optimization?

Yes! While off-page factors are now considered the most important step in building your rankings, we are always willing to examine your page and employ some optimization. In fact, usually a small amount of on-page optimization will benefit the off-page campaign (you want them to be in sync).

Wow! Anything else?

Yes!! We have also implemented a great way to boost your websites performance even more. If you - like many site owners - don't get around to updating your page regularly (and this is important) we are now offering professional article writing and other content creation service. We will write, buy, or steal (just kidding) articles for your website. We can even help you do it yourself, by giving your site an appropriate section for article or blog content and giving you a few recommendations/resources to get you started.

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